ME & LEE: the book MSM hopes you never read.

  The book MSM refuses to mention, though it’s an underground best-seller.  The book you need to read to understand the Kennedy Assassination and the REAL Lee Harvey Oswald.

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1) Big shipments of rifles from Caracas, coming in by boat, to distribute to anti-Castro insurgents; The book Me & Lee also mentions that part of the shipment coming to New Orleans was marked as belonging to Cuba, to use to implicate Castro: a new secret file release — DOC ID 104-10290-10026 -shows a ‘boat” left a big cache of rifles, along with machines guns, marked as from Cuba,  on an abandoned beach in Venezuela, which the Venezuelan government conveniently “discovered” before “rebels” could pick it up, though the cache had been there several days, as locals reported. We are supposed to believe that the government ‘somehow’ found the cache first.

2) Re Jack Ruby: Me & Lee explained Ruby was important in Los Vegas, according to stripper I met there, and was not just a nearly-bankrupt strip club owner in Dallas. New secret file release in July, 2017 showed Ruby was an honored guest at Tropicana Hotel in Los Vegas, where he registered as “Mr. & Mrs. Ruben” and was given the hotel’s Rolls-Royce to drive around town, only a week before the Kennedy assassination.

Because of what we showed Jack Ruby in New Orleans, he was aware that cancer cells were being developed under a CIA-sponsored long-term project for injection, as a biological weapon, to “kill without any blame to the USA” :  Ruby would insist, close to his death, that he had been injected with cancer cells.  New secret files released late in 2017 show Ruby was indeed important: he was so close to the plotters of the Kennedy assassination that he advised a friend to stick around in Dealey Plaza to “watch the fireworks” only minutes before JFK was shot

3.  Lee Oswald’s history in Mexico City was entirely rewritten into a huge stack of “chrono dummy” files to replace the truth; what really happened to Lee in Mexico City is in Me & Lee. Here is an example of such a file, which is clearly labeled as a dummy (fake) file, to be handed over to the Warren Commission. (In Me & Lee you already knew it, since Lee told me an entire room of typists was busy rewriting everything for 1963 in the CIA records — weeks before the assassination.

ME & LEE connects the dots– from the mystery of why Lee Oswald, Clay Shaw and David Ferrie were seen together in Clinton, Louisiana, to how Lee made it seem he never went to Mexico City at all, by creating “sightings’ of himself in several cities just before traveling to Mexico City.


Much of what was revealed in Me & LEE has been included in this compilation of the faces, facts and events that led to the Kennedy assassination and its necessary cover-up.  A special section on “Nixon’s Lies” shows the general way the cover-up was conducted;  others who knew JFK was going to die that day used false witnesses willing to provide them alibis.  From secret societies to the military-industrial complex, to how the Paines were used to frame Oswald, the important information iyou need to understand what happened to America in 1963 is in KENNEDY& OSWALD: THE BIG PICTURE.   Available on Amazon, at Trine Day Books, and Barnes & Noble (by order).