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Mafia Hit Man FULL Confession to Killing President Kennedy


Mafia hit man James Files says in interviews first aired nationally on Newsmax TV in Nov 2014 how he worked along with major mob figures, how he knows that the CIA was involved, and that he did fire the shot that hit Kennedy in the head from the front from the grassy knoll at Dealey Plaza in Dallas Texas on Nov 22, 1963.

He also explains The Tippet Murder, Jack Ruby, and most compelling of all…is evidence that Lee Harvey Oswald was indeed the patsy he claimed to be.

Until now, no one has ever confessed to the murder of JFK, and most people still believe that Lee Harvey Oswald was the killer.

After YOU see this video, I am confident that the greatest mystery of our generation finally be solved.

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Video Documentary FULL – 2 Hours 48 Minutes


Warden Tony Godinez Comments on James Files

Warden Tony Godinez is a very credible witness.

The warden of the prison.

He has an awesome reputation.

He left Stateville penitentiary because he was hired to clean up the mess in the Cook County Jail.

And he did! He is even respected by his own inmates.

This man states on tape that he could never catch James Files in a lie, no matter how hard he tried.

Godinez has interviewed James Files more than anyone except Bruce Brychek.

Two FBI agents came to visit James Files to threaten him to stop talking about his role in the JFK assassination.